Automotive / Transportation

Reduce Manufacturing Waste, Reduce Landfill, and provide End-of-Life solutions for sustainable performance composites and energy efficient transportation applications


Recyclable Epoxy proven in HP-RTM The automotive industry is on the brink of a materials revolution and Connora Technologies, is convinced that the company’s recyclable thermoset technology (Recyclamine®) will be the tipping point.

Connora is developing the world’s first Recyclable HP-RTM epoxy resin system in collaboration with BMW, Hexion, The Fraunhoffer Institute and funded by the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Thermoset composites are rapidly emerging as a vital high performance material and are even starting to replace aluminum and steel in many markets despite the material’s inherent drawbacks: thermoset composites are currently expensive, slow to produce, and intrinsically difficult to repair or recycle. Connora is addressing those limitations by developing their Recyclamine® resins for HP-RTM (high-pressure resin transfer molding) applications in automotive.


End-of-life composites and manufacturing scrap can now recycled in a low temperature solution process that allows for the recapture of the carbon fiber and other valuable materials intact. While existing recycling approaches tend to destroy the value of the composites, Connora’s recycling approach preserves the performance and value of the reclaimed fibers. It is also the first recycling process to reclaim the resin as a high value and reusable thermoplastic.